There are many reasons why asylum seekers and migrants, who return to their native countries and want to build up a new livelihood, should choose self-employment.

It is particularly during this phase of preparing for return that the pros and cons of such decisions are dealt with to a great extent and professional advice is sought. Thus any guidance session should start with recommending that a business project undergo intensive and lengthy planning and should be an issue which advisors and potential business starters should deal with.

The SEPA sub-project 'Starting up in business as a measure to support returnees' is intended to be conducive to this procedure. The process of systematically and professionally informing and advising asylum seekers and migrants interested in setting up in business is to be improved via suitable materials. The following, presented here, have already been implemented:

In addition, the same topics are dealt with in two to three-day seminars intended for potential returnees or advisors.

We hope the materials for this purpose bring you the success desired.


Product Group "Starting a Business - SEPA in EQUAL II"


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